Competitor Tent is a unique, new mobile app aimed at providing competitive equestrians training and competition results and analytics across the disciplines of Dressage, Eventing, Jumpers, and Show Hunters. It provides analytics around the products that competitors use and trust, bridging the gap between consumers and brands.

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As riders, we share a passion for performance. But to achieve peak performance, we need insights. Until now, riders had to track their performance through the use of notepads, whiteboards, or personal instinct. When we set out to design Competitor Tent, we wanted to help riders analyze their results to discover insights, shape training, and ultimately to improve their performance. We want to enhance the riding experience by providing an app that is mobile-first, data-driven, and crowd-sourced, with an emphasis on building community.


Competitor Tent is the social network for competitive equestrians. With your busy competition schedule, it’s hard to keep up with all your friends and fellow competitors, especially in different disciplines. At Competitor Tent, you can! Upload information about your ride and it shows up in your activity feed, where you’ll see posts from your friends and followers. Sharing your competitive journey has never been easier.


You spend hours training, but how do you analyze performance and improvement? With the Competitor Tent app you can find your scores from any competition and compare to your previous performances. You can also compare your scores to your friends and fellow competitors. Maximize the effectiveness of your training by using performance-based statistics to support your competition plan.


View the Competitor Tent activity feed filled with activities of friends and those you follow to see their results from shows, training posts, or even social posts with photos and video. View rider Virtual Tack Trunks to see the products riders use and trust. Support your fellow competitors by reacting to their achievements and leave comments on their feed to cheer on each other’s performances.

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