Competitor Tent Virtual Test Rider Instructions

Recording your test:

Perform test(s) and record video from “C” (rides recorded from anywhere but C may be rejected and not scored).

Record with your phone held horizontally for optimal recording.

Zoom in if possible on the horse and rider when they are at the far end of the ring, and at the near end, be sure to keep the horse and horse’s legs in view.

Minimum 720p video quality recommended.

Ring should measure as close to 20×60 or 20×40 meters as possible.

Appropriate dressage letters around the ring are required.

Each video submission should be of one test and each test must be recorded non-stop. Tests must not have been previously judged.

Submitting your video

Videos are due to Competitor Tent by Tuesday at 5pm EDT prior to the show weekend

Submit video(s) via WeTransfer. 

Go to

There is no need to set up an account on WeTransfer. Just go to left side of screen and enter the following:

Click the “+” button and add your video file.

Enter the email address, “” in “Email to” field.

Enter your email address that you used to sign up for our series in “Your email” field.

In the “Message” area, please include rider name and class name in the textbox.

If you’ve entered multiple classes, please email each ride separately.

Receiving your test marks

If you have an iPhone, be sure to download the Competitor Tent app to be notified when your score(s) post and see your score(s) including movement by movement in our app (be sure to provide your USEF number as that’s how we tie results to your profile and enable movement-by-movement scores comparisons to previous tests).

All tests will also be emailed to all riders.

Refund policy

Refunds for exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. At no time will a refund be issued once the test has been judged in the current competition

Situations where a refund will NOT be made include:

Tests recorded at a position other than behind C where judge rejects test

Tests that have been submitted that have been judged before

Musical Freestyle tests where music has been added to video after test was recorded