Trot-For-Teal Virtual Dressage Series benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Competitor Tent, the app for competitive riders, is teaming up with the GDCTA again to launch our second virtual charity series, this time in show format. “The Trot-For-Teal Virtual Dressage Series benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.” This series will continue to allow riders to compete from home during this current pause in the competition calendar and like our first series, make a difference in a time when many of us feel helpless to affect the current crisis. Competitor Tent hopes to help riders continue to work toward their goals and compete safely during these difficult times.

The series has monthly shows running from July through December 2020 (dates can be found on Equestrian Entries). Riders will register through Equestrian Entries the Monday before each show weekend, then video their test and upload it from home by Tuesday before each show weekend (the day after entries close). A panel of great judges will then judge the tests and results will be available through the Competitor Tent app (download the free app here) and tests will be emailed and physically mailed to competitors.

For this series, high point awards will be provided over the course of the series in three categories: classical dressage, eventing dressage and western dressage. See class list below.

Competitor Tent encourages riders competing in this show series to follow social distancing guidelines as suggested or required by local authorities. More information on logistics here.

Note to FEI riders: If you are planning to enter a live FEI competition within six months, please do not enter this series due to FEI restrictions on unsanctioned showing. For more information on this, please contact us. 

About Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance:
Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is the leading organization in the world fighting ovarian cancer from all fronts, including in the lab and on Capitol Hill, while supporting women and their families. Find out more here.

Class list:

Classical Dressage:
21Intro Test A
22Intro Test B
23Intro Test C
201Training Level Test 1
202Training Level Test 2
203Training Level Test 3
211First Level Test 1
212First Level Test 2
213First Level Test 3
221Second Level Test 1
222Second Level Test 2
223Second Level Test 3
231Third Level Test 1
232Third Level Test 2
233Third Level Test 3
241Fourth Level Test 1
242Fourth Level Test 2
243Fourth Level Test 3
271USDF Musical Freestyle, TOC

Eventing Dressage:
401Ameoba (Intro Test A)
402Tadpole (Intro Test C)
403USEA Beginner Novice Test A
404USEA Novice Test A
405USEA Training Test A
406USEA Prelim Test A
407USEA Intermediate Test A
408USEA Advanced Test A

Western Dressage:
501Western Dressage Intro 1
502Western Dressage Basic 1
503Western Dressage, Level 1, Test 1
504Western Dressage, Level 2, Test 1
505Western Dressage, Level 3, Test 1
506Western Dressage, Level 4, Test 1