What drives us? Welcome to Competitor Tent


Message from the Founder

Our Story.
We’re excited to tell our story to the Competitor Tent community as we get ready to launch our new app. It’s one of passion, insight and perseverance.

The Competitor Tent platform was envisioned in 2016, as we thought about how we could bring better technology solutions for competitors in the equestrian space. Truthfully, no one can disagree that technology hasn’t exactly been our friend. Many of today’s tools lack the functionality that is now expected in platforms that we use in everyday life. Why not here? Some others may say, “we haven’t used technology to assess performance before. So what’s different? Why now?”

We set out to design Competitor Tent to provide competitors with real live data in the form of scores and crowd-sourced inputs to help provide insights, and shape training and competing with the goal of ultimately improving as riders. We all share a passion for performance. Until now, we kept track of inputs and made decisions based on data in spreadsheets, written on a whiteboard, in our head, or maybe just made decisions based on our gut.

Competitor Tent brings all that data into a platform that drives performance results improvement, and allows competitors to share the journey with a community of like-minded passionate riders along the way.

We’re partnering with data providers and a design team to bring our users a really great experience. Mobile friendly, data-driven, socially-fueled and crowd-sourced, with insights that is impactful for riders, trainers and owners. With the ability to share in the brands we know and trust, we’ve also created a place for competitors to become even more of a collaborative community.

We’re looking forward to the next chapter of our story and sharing it with you.

What drives us?
Having been around horses for over 20 years, and involved in competitive equestrian sport for nearly the same amount of time, it’s clear what drives me, like all of us I suspect — passion. Passion for that perfect ride, that flawless test, that double-clear round, that optimal time. What I’m equally passionate about is my equine partner and her health. My mare is now 29, and she is family. Optimizing her health is a key priority, and I’m sure many, if not all of our community, feel the same way about their partner.

Now to be clear, I have never competed in equestrian sport; I love to ride, but the saddle I compete on is on my bike, not my horse, as part of long-distance triathlon (Ironman 140.6 mile) events. One of the key reasons for Competitor Tent was a recognition and understanding that data helps competitors in all other sports. We use data to improve as athletes; form a nutrition plan; optimize training; and understand fitness and conditioning. We’re excited to bring that to our community here.

We’re all social animals.
Many of us share our stories and our lives on social media with a wide variety of friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Of course, this helps us keep in touch and has brought distant friends and family closer together.

What sets apart the Competitor Tent platform from mainstream social media platforms is that we are a community of competitors—people that are fueled by competition. We care about the footing, the judge’s remarks, what electrolyte is best in the heat, how the course ran—and we like to talk about it. As our name implies, Competitor Tent is the online tent where we congregate after our show— and share our stories about our day, our aspirations and goals, our crushing defeats, the grit of our training, and we collaborate to help drive our collective goals—to share in the sport we love and are passionate about.

More to come soon – looking forward to seeing you in the Competitor Tent!